Question 1.1 Nine Elements

  • Digital Access – The ability to be able to access the internet. For example, I use my Tablet and Laptop to get access to the internet.
  • Digital Commerce – Selling and buying products by using the internet. For example, buying clothing and cars.
  • Digital Communication – The exchange of information to one another. For example, using e-mails and instant messaging.
  • Digital Literacy – The process of teaching and also learning about technology and the use of technology. For example, Videoconferencing.
  • Digital Etiquette – The procedures of electronic standards, they are rules that needs to be obeyed when using the internet. For example, when using a platform like Facebook and Instagram they have terms and conditions that needs to be followed.
  • Digital Law – Deals with the ethics of technology. Electronic responsibility for actions and deeds. For example, Plagiarising.
  • Digital Rights & Responsibility – Everyone has the right and responsibility of freedom of speech and privacy within the digital world. For example, sharing inappropriate comments online.
  • Digital Health & Wellness – Physical and psychological well-being in a digital technology world. Most people are addicted to the over use of the internet. For example, the use of Facebook and Instagram. One can easily get addicted these days.
  • Digital Security – Guarantee the safety of your personal stuff on the internet. For example, creating passwords that only you can access.

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