Question 2.1

Solution fluency six D’s

In the northern areas of Port Elizabeth, there are a lot of young people that are unemployed. Some of the reasons for that is that they didn’t get to finish school or having to leave school because of pregnancies. The focus of local and provincial government must be to ensure job creation is prioritised.  Our cities and towns must be drivers of job-creating growth.  Local government and provincial government must create an environment where businesses want to invest and entrepreneurs can thrive.

According to today’s Labour Force Survey, the unemployment rate is up from 27.4% in the fourth quarter of 2015 to 28.6% and the expanded unemployment rate now stands at 44.5%, up from 40.3% in the previous quarter – the largest increase in the country, of 4.2 percentage points.

Step 1
Define – unemployment in the northern areas in Port Elizabeth.

Step 2
Discover – determining where the info would be. Where they could find jobs.

Step 3
Dream – Generating ideas for how to create jobs for the young people in my community.

Step 4
Design – building steps towards a solution on the unemployment rate, not only in Port Elizabeth but the whole of South Africa.

Step 5
Deliver – Identify format and present information. Present the information gathered to local government and provincial government to ensure for more jobs.

Step 6
Debrief – Looking forward on how to improve the unemployment rate in South Africa.


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