Napalm girl

I agree that the girl in the picture is inappropriate and has caused a lot of controversy becuase of the nudity.

Inappropriate communication can have far – reaching impacts, where words, often said in the moment of heated emotion, are stored online forever. With the advent of social mediabthere are a greater risk of over-sharing, inadvertent bullying or just plain maliciousness.

Internal communications can impact on people’s careers, whereas their external communications have an impact on the broader community and not just their own target base. Inappropriate digital communication varies depending on the platform and the audience.

The following are some additional points to note regarding inappropriate digital communication: Taking calls or texting in a meeting or class; Streaming inappropriate material in public; Using company phones for personal use; And inappropriate use of work resources.

Learning to listen to a message, verbalise the message, and then verify the message is the basis of being able to produce the message using the most applicable form: medium. Either way, the outcome you want to achieve from the message is important in that it structures the communication.

For example, my brother is responsible for taking out the garbage every morning but he forgot to do it yesterday, and I want to tell him that I took it out for him. I could have yelled at him for not taking it out or told our parents, but instead I told him, “I know you are under a lot of pressure at work, so I took the garbage out for you.”


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